Chaincreator Org platforms



What it means?

Your job as a Brand Ambassador means you are in charge with growing the CHAINCREATOR community in your city, telling people about CHAINCREATOR and organising community events.

CHAINCREATOR Org platforms
CHAINCREATOR Org platforms


  • comission based on the deals you bring to CC
  • a significant number of CC tokens for when we launch our own ICO
  • a strong credential on your CV
  • access to Global Network of Brand Ambassador
  • education materials intro blockchain and crypto
  • promotional materials for events in your area
  • acces to private sales of our ICO clients
  • financial support for local CC awareness events


Chaincreator is an ecosystem of technologically advanced platforms developed for the global blockchain & crypto industry which are designed to fit the needs of smart traders and ICOs.

CHAINCREATOR Org platforms
CHAINCREATOR Org platforms

Our Refferal Program

For our Brand Ambassadors we will have a special 50% trading referral bonus on all the signups you get through your referral link. On top of this, you will be part of the Chaincreator Global Ambassador Program. If you are referring leads that convert within your city, you will get a percentage of the deal value.


What would your income be?

Example: you refer a new ICO and they raise $50million worth of ETH. We take 10% of what they raise, without any upfront fees. You will receive a 1% of our fee, which is $50,000. No hidden fees, no extra talks.

In order to be selected as exclusive Brand Ambassador of your city, you will need to conduct an interview with us where we get to know each-other and potentially you will be selected for this position.

What would your income be?

We’re looking for Brand Ambassadors worldwide.

Upload your resume / CV

Thank you for your interest in joining us!

We've received your application and we'll get back to you as soon as we finish reviewing it.

CHAINCREATOR Org platforms
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